Happy Tail: Diesel

Julia D Happy Tails

Ashley was looking online for a dog to adopt and was impressed with how different Last Hope was from the other rescues and shelters. She saw Diesel’s face and fell in love instantly. But it was his bio that really convinced her Diesel was the dog for their family. At the time, Diesel was going through some medical issues so they did a foster-to-adopt arrangement. But Ashley says he was *their* dog from day one.

In the beginning, Diesel was a little shy but he quickly came out of his shell once he moved in with Ashley, Seth, and their dog, Gypsy. He now likes to meet new people and loves being the center of attention. He helped Gypsy become a more confident dog, too. Gypsy used to not be interested in jumping up on furniture, walking on wood floors, or playing with toys. But once Diesel came into the family, he helped Gypsy become more confident and strong-willed.

He loves going for walks, playing ball, playing with his sister in the backyard, and playing with his many, many toys – especially going after the ones with squeakers in them! He loves dressing up in sweaters, hoodies, and coats but most of all he loves cuddling with his mom and dad.

About Diesel, Ashley says, “Diesel has changed my life completely, I could not imagine my life without him. He is the sweetest boy full of energy and love. I am grateful that he had so much love and support from Last Hope and that we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt him. This is his forever home!”

It sounds like Diesel landed in the perfect place. Thank you Ashley, Seth, and Gypsy for opening your hearts and home to Diesel!