Happy Tail: Beethoven

Julia D Happy Tails

After talking to friends who had adopted from Last Hope and a trusted person who could advise them on how to add a cat to their household where there was already a cat, Amber and Mike saw Beethoven (formerly Tex) on the website and decided to give him a try with their cat, Clementine.

The adjustment period was smooth (smoother than they expected!) and quick. Beethoven seemed pretty fearless and soon felt right at home. It took Clementine a little longer to adjust but it still happened quickly.

When asked what they like about Beethoven Amber said, “Beethoven’s personality is unlike other cats I’ve met. He’s high energy and very playful. We love that he plays fetch and have been working on teaching him other tricks since he acts so dog-like. One of our favorite things about him is his constant quiet chirps.”

Beethoven’s favorite thing to do is play fetch with his mouse toy. When he’s not playing, he’s finding interesting ways to get into places he shouldn’t be or sleeping.

Beethoven is definitely living the good life with Amber, Mike, and Clementine and we couldn’t be happier for him!