Cats of the Week: Portia and Lex

Julia D Cat of the Week

Portia and Lex are brother and sister looking for a forever home together. They are a little over one year old.

Portia is a healthy and petite gal who keeps herself immaculately clean and she has good manners. Portia’s personality is a quiet and timid one; she will come around for pets when things are quiet and if you will wait patiently for her to approach. Portia would be happiest in a quiet home with people who are understanding that she may need some extra time to adjust and she will likely be very timid until she relaxes into her new surroundings. She is afraid of boisterous children and loud noises. She is scared of dogs.

Lex came to Last Hope Animal Rescue with his two sisters when they were about 4 months old.  Lex is a BIG BOY. He is twice the size of his sisters. He’s just a mini-house panther and a VERY loving one at that. Lex has had a couple of very random bacterial infections, and the vet thinks he may have developed an infection in his umbilical cord as a neonatal and may be prone to occasional bacterial infections. So far, he has had two health episodes but both were easily treated with a round of antibiotics. We would like to see him be adopted by an experienced cat owner, who can detect changes in his routine and demeanor that could signal that he is not feeling well. Otherwise, Lex is a laid-back, relaxed, and easy-going kitty. He keeps his handsome ebony coat *immaculately* clean. He also prefers a very clean litterbox, and he will often wait patiently for you to clean his box out so he can use it. He is frequently found lounging around like he owns the place. He is known to gently swat at your head from his perch on his cat while you sweep. This is his way of letting you know that he would like some pets. He wants ALL the pets (just be forewarned that his belly is a NO ZONE!)  Lex hasn’t had a chance yet to be someone’s wintertime bed-warmer, and I promise this miniature panther will make a good bed-warmer. Lex gets along with other cats (with proper introductions), kids, adults, and is OK with easygoing, at-friendly dogs. He is good buds with his little sister Portia and would love to be adopted with her.

You get a discount for adopting two cats at once and they are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and preventives, and have microchips with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet these black beauties, please complete an adoption application HERE.