Cat of the Week: Bahati

Julia D Cat of the Week

I’m Bahati and I was found by the woman who would become my foster mother after nearly being hit by a car on a road in Cedar Falls. I probably would have died along the side of road if she wasn’t there, because most people would not have stopped to help me! Since I only weighed about one-and-a-half pounds, I was pretty light and probably fractured my lower jaw when I tumbled on the pavement, and the lower part of my face had been ‘degloved’ when I slid into the gravel … which means all the skin/fur had been ripped down from all around the bottom of my mouth down to my chin and was just hanging there!  WHEW! Did that hurt! But they were able to get me all cleaned up and get all the dirty gravel out and stitched it all back in place! My foster mom had to name me right away, and she decided to look up LUCKY in different languages as she sat at the vet’s office waiting for me to come out of surgery. She likes crazy unusual names, and decided that the Swahili word for ‘lucky’ sounded really cool – so I was named BAHATI…(pronounced Bah-HAH-tee)! I think it’s a purrfect name – and different – LIKE ME!!

I healed pretty well, except I now have a ‘snaggle’ tooth on the bottom where my jaw is slightly slanted! (Gives me a ‘tough’ guy kinda look!) I didn’t get to play much with other kittens while my jaw was healing; when I could finally get out of the kennel and start playing, I wanted to rough and tumble and act all crazy – so I was introduced to some nice, older kittens. I was a bit rough for them even though I was smaller, so I was partnered with an older female foster kitty so she could ‘mother’ me and try to make me behave – which she did! I’ve played with kittens now who are a little younger with me and sometimes get too rough, too… but they fight back so we get pretty wild sometimes! If I’m being honest, I might need to be with a kitty who will put me in my place until I learn proper manners.

I do love to purr and purr and purr, and snuggle with my mom, too – but I still like to bite every once in awhile and she gets after me for that… NO BITE is something she is always telling me – I usually stop but sometimes she has to tell me a few times! Little kids might be afraid of me but I’m sure older kids would be fine! I’ve never been around dogs, but I might do OK with them if properly introduced!  I really love to play with toys.. furry mice, anything on a string, balls, catnip cigars, feathery toys – and I slept with a stuffed animal in my kennel while I was healing and sometimes kicked and wrestled with it. I use my litter box all the time and I can eat soft and hard kitten food all by myself now, too!  I’m really excited that I’m ready to find a family of my very own now, and I hope they fall in love with my gorgeous shiny, soft and silky black fur coat! My beautiful green eyes are always alert and I don’t miss a thing – I’m always ready and looking for a good time!

Bahati’s adoption fee is $100.00 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip. If you’re interested in Bahati please complete an application HERE or email