Volunteers of the Month: Storm Clean-Up

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Between COVID-19 and the derecho that hit us on August 10th, this year has been a doozy! But through it all, and when we need them the most, there are volunteers who answer the call for help. This month our volunteer heroes are all the people who came out to the Adoption Center after the derecho to clean up all the debris.

While many of these volunteers were trying to clean up their own lawns and homes, they came together to help the animals in our care. Our sign was broken, fences were blown down, dog items were strewn over the yard, and trees branches were knocked down.

We also lost power like most of Cedar Rapids but had the responsibility to still provide a safe and comfortable home for the pets who call the Center home. Volunteers were setting up battery-operated fans in an effort to cool down the cats and dogs inside the hot building. Ultimately it was decided we needed a generator but until that was put into place, the volunteers did their best to keep it comfortable for the pets.

This clean up was not easy; there was heavy lifting and dirty jobs involved but the volunteers who came out to help didn’t let that deter them. They pitched in and got the job done and for that, we are very grateful.