Volunteers of the Month: Our Office Workers

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Last Hope has a core group of three women who perform our office tasks for us: Linda Pisney, Aggie Doyle, and Sherri Eichmeyer. They come into the Adoption Center and answer phones, take care of messages that were left, data entry, scan and upload information about the animals, and pretty much anything that needs to be done in the office. They help keep us organized and on top of paperwork that needs to be handled.

Linda Pisney has been volunteering for four years and she also helps take care of the dogs at the Adoption Center.

Aggie Doyle has been with us for about two years and she also gathers donation information so that we can create and send thank you letters to donors.

For almost four years, Sherri Eichmeyer has been volunteering at Last Hope. She says, “I  enjoy all the volunteers, and being around people with so much love for animals.”

People, of course, think about caring directly for the animals when they think about volunteering but there is so much more work that needs to go on “behind the scenes” to keep us running smoothly. So thank you, ladies, for helping to keep us on track!