The Happy Tail of Lola and Macy

Julia D Happy Tails

Lola and Macy Happy Tail

Kegan and Lindsey adopted two puppies from Last Hope recently and generously agreed to share their Happy Tail.

They decided to adopt from Last Hope because they were able to meet the puppies at Petco and were able to take them home for a “trial run.” They chose the puppies based on their temperament, how adorable they are, and because they just seemed to “click.” Kegan and Lindsey decided to name the puppies Lola and Macy. In the picture, Lola is on the right and Macy on the left.

After the first night in their new home, Lola and Macy seemed to realize they were really home and were excited to be there! They are puppies so there have been some mishaps and accidents, as expected, but overall they are very bright dogs and are learning quickly. They love that the dogs can be independent of each other but also get along well and entertain each other. “We love how different they are and each one seems to fit better with one of us, based on our personalities, but they love and respect us both the same as well. They entertain us and brighten our day, every day. Life is never slow or dull now.”

In addition to loving their new family members, they said this about Last Hope: “We would recommend Last Hope to anyone. It was such a great experience and process. We felt as prepared and informed as we could be in the adoption.”

Thank you, Kegan and Lindsey, for taking such good care of our pups and for sharing your Happy Tail!