Maggie’s Second Chance

Julia D Urgent Medical Attention Needed


Maggie's ShirtMaggie is the sweetest girl despite the hard life she has lead.  Maggie came to Last Hope Animal Rescue from Texas. After having her medical checkup, it was evident that she had been abused.  X-rays showed pellets in two different locations in her body.  Her dental issues were absolutely massive requiring a three and a half hour surgery.  She has a poorly healed fracture which will require surgery to re-align her knee in conjunction with her hip.  At the time of this surgery, her ruptured cruciate ligament will also be repaired.  Thanks to Critter Crusaders Maggie will get a chance to live the life she should have always had.

Critter Crusaders is a non-profit organization founded to give homeless animals a second chance and restore their broken lives.  Critter Crusaders provides and guides medical care for shelter and rescue animals, getting them healthy and ready to find their forever homes.

Maggie 2
Please help the dog volunteers at Last Hope Animal Rescue assist Critter Crusaders in getting Maggie the medical care that she needs.  All proceeds from the t-shirt and sweatshirt sales will go to Critter Crusaders for Maggie’s medical expenses.  If you would like to help Maggie but you don’t want to purchase a shirt, you can donate any amount you would like through this website. Visit the website HERE.

The Last Hope Animal Rescue dog volunteers and Critter Crusaders thank you, but most of all Maggie says “Woof” which translates to a BIG THANK YOU!!