Happy Tails: Lucy and Charlie

Julia D Happy Tails

Rob, Donetta, Jordan, and Leona adopted two dogs from Last Hope in 2017: Lucy and Charlie.

Charlie, formerly Scruffy, was adopted first and there was quite an adjustment period because he had a rough past. He didn’t know how to go up and down stairs, he was scared of everything and everyone, he wouldn’t take treats, he scattered his food, and he wasn’t house trained. The family knew they would have to be patient and earn his trust. They took it slow with him and he slowly came around. They took advantage of the free obedience class that comes with adoption and got advice from the trainer about how to house train him and he did catch on finally. They took it slow and now he is a different dog. He loves being rubbed all over, the family calls it his “massages” and he gets a couple every day. The once scared and skittish dog now loves to be loved and held. He likes to show off and run in the yard. He steals treats from his dog sister and teases her with them. He’s just a totally different dog now and the family is glad they took the time and had the patience to help him come out of his shell.

Adopting Lucy, formerly Lucy Lou, was a different experience. They were looking for a smaller dog and they had Beagles in the past so Lucy caught their eye. When she came into their home she followed the other dogs and went outside to go potty and learned the ropes from them. She didn’t care to be kenneled when they left the house but she learned to tolerate it and knows now that they won’t be gone for long and she’ll get a treat for going into the crate. She likes to run in the yard, play with toys, and bully Charlie. She is either going at top speed or sleeping; there’s no in-between. She loves to lay in the sun and trick Leona out of her chair. But she’s so loveable that they let her get away with it.

Two adoptions, two very different experiences bringing them into their home. No matter what kind of past the pet has had, it takes some time for them to adjust to a new home life and the adoptive family needs to have patience and trust that it will all work out. We are so happy that Charlie found this family because they knew just what to do – go slow, have patience, and just love him through it all. Both dogs are doing great and loving their forever family! Thank you Rob, Donetta, Jordan, and Leona for loving Charlie and Lucy and giving them a happily ever after.