Happy Tail: Suzy

Julia D Happy Tails

Suzy was adopted by a very loving family. This is their story in their own words…


One year from the loss of our schnauzer, we decided it was time to bring a new pet into our lives.  I did several searches on the Internet and found Last Hope Animal Rescue.  When I clicked on “miniature schnauzer,” Suzy’s picture came onto the screen.  She was part miniature schnauzer and part miniature poodle.   She was noted as being a lap dog which seemed a perfect fit since we are both retired.  We made a request to meet her and an appointment was set.  We fell in love with her immediately and knew we did not need to look any further.  We anxiously awaited to see if we would be selected to become her new family. 
Suzy 3
 The process was involved with Last Hope Adoption checking all our references and doing a home visit.  At least we knew we were working with an agency that was really looking out for the best interest of their pets.  Of course we were very excited to get her home and with it being the holidays, it took a little longer.  But, the wait was well worth it!
Our pup’s name was Suzy and she had been named that by her previous owner who was no longer was able to care for her.  Therefore, we were content not to change it since she was already 7 years old and her life had already had a big change.
Suzy 4 
Suzy adjusted quickly to her new home.  She took to her new routine as if it had always been that way.  She really loves people and lives up to her name as being a lap dog.  The instant one sits down, Suzy is on your lap.  We actually call her our therapy dog as she will place her paws on your chest and lay her head on your shoulder.  She seems to know who needs the “special attention” for the day.
Suzy 2
Suzy loves to go with us on walks sniffing every message along the route.  The instant you mention “road trip” she is at the door ready to go.  Another great past time for her is to sit on her cushion and watch all the activity outside.  Suzy has brought so much joy to our lives we are forever grateful to Last Hope Animal Rescue for bringing her into our lives.  Thank you.