Happy Tail: Russell (formerly Rusty)

Julia D Happy Tails

Kevin and Kylie learned about Last Hope through friends and family who adopted and/or volunteered here. They have a soft spot for dachshunds so when they saw Russell (Rusty at the time), they quickly fell in love. The adoption process was easy and smooth and they credit that to the volunteer who helped with the adoption and made sure it was a good transition.

Russell (also known as Russellroni, Russell Sprout, Russbus, Goose, Gus, and Goober!) was timid when he first moved into their home. But they just knew it would take some time and patience and they were right. Russell now fits right into the family and is thriving.

He has a couple of favorite soft toys (a lime and a cookie) with which he can entertain himself for ours. Russell doesn’t have many teeth so he can’t really hold onto the toys in his mouth. But that doesn’t stop him! He essentially plays soccer with them, kicking them all over the house. He’s a real love bug and is always ready for cuddles.

In addition to cookie and lime soccer, Russell enjoys doing perimeter checks around the backyard, barking at the birds and squirrels, keeping tabs on the other dogs in the home, and napping – a lot!

Kevin and Kylie gave Russell the time and patience he needed to feel comfortable in their home and it has paid off. He is now a happy, well-adjusted member of the family. Thank you for providing him with the time he needed to blossom!