Happy Tail: Rocky (FKA Porter)

Julia D Happy Tails

When Randy and Sandy adopted Rocky (formerly Porter), they knew they were in for a challenge. They like to adopt pets that are hard to place and give them all the time and attention they need to blossom into great pets. Rocky certainly fit that category.

Rocky had been physically and emotionally abused in his past. But with love and lots of patience, he has become a beloved member of their family. At the time they adopted him they had another rescue dog, Bix, that helped teach Rocky how to be a dog and help convince him that he landed in a pretty great home. But it took a while for Rocky to really settle in and begin to trust people again. Sandy would take him to dog classes and sometimes it would take 20 minutes just to get him through the doorway. And if he wasn’t up for something in class she would just sit with him until he was ready to give it a try.

Rocky has been with them for over seven years and it makes them happy to see him content with life. Sandy tears up when she sees Rocky happy and smiling and just being a goofy dog.

Rocky sure hit the jackpot with Sandy and Randy. They worked with him and loved him unconditionally and it made all the difference in the world. Who knows where Rocky would be now if they hadn’t come along and been willing to adopt a more challenging dog.