Happy Tail: Opal (formerly Sandra)

Julia D Happy Tails


Lauren and Benjamin were looking to add a long-haired kitty to their family. They already had Oscar and  Olive and were looking for a playmate for Oscar especially. They heard that there was a long-haired kitten at Last Hope and fell in love with Opal (formerly Sandra).

Opal adjusted very quickly to her new home and buddies. They kept them separated for a week so they could all get used to each other. It went well when they were finally completely introduced. She loves to play and fluff her long tail. Oscar had been hit by a car when he was young and had to have surgeries. He no longer has a right hip joint but he doesn’t let that slow him down and Opal helps keep him active.

Lauren and Benjamin have a cat tent that they put out in the yard so the three cats can safely experience the outdoors. They love to lay out there and watch the birds and world go by. Opal is getting used to sleeping more at night with her brother and sister, but she will sometimes race across their bed early in the morning to make sure they don’t miss out on the fun!

Opal has fit in so well with everyone and has brought a real sense of playfulness to the group. It sounds like Opal found the perfect forever home and we are thankful that Lauren and Benjamin are giving her such a great life.