Happy Tail: Nova (FKA Moana)

Julia D Happy Tails

Stephanie and Michael heard about Last Hope through a friend who had recently adopted from us. That friend told them about Moana, an Australian shepherd mix that was available for adoption.

The application process was easy and smooth and they soon met Moana and fell in love. About a week later, Moana moved in and got a new name: Nova.

Stephanie says, “Nova joined our family six months ago and to be honest it seems like she has always been part of the family. Nova’s favorite things are people, playing tug of war, sticks, going on walks, and belly rubs. She has our neighbors trained to give her a pat on the head or scratch behind the ear and loves to visit her ‘Grandma and Grandpa’ every Sunday.”

Nova is smart and learned some new tricks right away. Their favorite is doing a high five with her. They look forward to her being a running buddy when she’s a little older.

Sometimes we are questioned about our process for adoption and why it is so thorough. Nova is a great example of the reason why. We don’t want to find our pets just any home – we want to find them the RIGHT home. Nova has found a wonderful forever home with Stephanie and Michael. We are so glad she is doing well as a new member of the family!