Happy Tail: Neptune

Julia D Happy Tails

To increase awareness, Last Hope has some cats at PetSmart for people to meet and learn about us. That’s where Rhianna met Neptune.

She was in the store with her mother’s dog and Neptune was very interested in the dog and Rhianna. So much so that he pulled out some of the sealant from between the panes of glass so he could sniff them – such a naughty kitty! She put her finger up and he touched his nose to her finger and she knew he was the kitty for her!

Neptune came home with Rhianna and is fitting in perfectly. At first, he was shy and tentative; only coming out from his hiding place to eat a few bites of food then quickly returning to hiding. This is common for cats coming into a new environment. But Rhianna was patient with him. The turning point came when she took him to the vet for a general check-up. He was scared and he came to her for comfort and protection. Everything changed at that point and they are practically inseparable now.

He’s a sweet kitty that loves to cuddle and sleeps in bed with Rhianna at night. He’s quite the athlete, leaping and doing somersaults when he plays. Neptune loves to eat, play, and scream. That’s right, scream. He is very vocal and food-driven so he definitely lets her know when he thinks it’s time to eat. He loves teaser wands and will chase them until he’s panting. Rhianna lives with her sister who also has a cat and the two of them love to play together. He loves afternoon naps in the sun and watching the world go by out the window.

Neptune and Rhianna are a perfect match and we’re so happy that he’s found a wonderful home with her!