Happy Tail: Mitch and Mickey

Julia D Happy Tails

Caroline and Jim adopted Mitch and Mickey (formerly Jenga and Uno) after seeing their picture online. They did get a chance to meet the two cats at PetSmart in Waterloo, as well as some other cats just to make sure they had the right fit. They completed their adoption application, had a home visit, their references were checked, and then they welcomed the two into their home.

Both cats acclimated to their new environment fairly easily. Mickey took a bit longer to warm up but since Caroline and Jim have spent more time at home due to COVID, they have a great routine now. Caroline says they each have their own personality but both are very loving. Mitch likes to curl up on his dad’s lap and Mickey will let you know it’s time to pet her with loud meows!

Mitch and Mickey are their first pets and they hope to adopt a dog to add to their crew.

We love success stories like this one and are so happy Mitch and Mickey found such a wonderful forever home!