Happy Tail: Max

Julia D Happy Tails

Max 7Natalie and her husband, Matt, adopted Max (formerly Sonny) from Last Hope and things are going great!

Natalie says it was a little challenging at first to find the right dog and get to him before someone else did, but I think maybe Max was worth the wait.

She says the adjustment to his new home has been great and he seems really happy. He was mostly house trained and crate trained so that helped with the transition. She has always had bigger dogs so she likes this smaller version that she can scoop up whenever she needs to. “He is also the biggest snuggler ever and we love that. He dances and jumps on his hind legs and it’s hilarious.”

Max 6This is the first dog they have rescued and it’s been a learning experience. One thing Natalie said was to be open to anything when rescuing. When she first saw Max she didn’t think she was interested because he didn’t look like what she thought her dog would look like. But they met Max and fell in love!

Thank you, Natalie and Matt, for sharing your story and for giving Max his forever home!