Happy Tail: Macy

Julia D Happy Tails

             macyAmy, Mike, Delaney, and their Toy Poodle Maddie adopted Macy from Last Hope. They searched Google and PetFinder to find Last Hope. Because Amy has allergies they had to find a hypoallergenic dog like a Poodle. Luckily Last Hope was able to help them out!


Because their dog Maddie was older they were a little concerned about bringing another dog into the home but appreciated the trial period we gave them to make sure Macy was going to fit in. It didn’t bother them at all that Macy is deaf.
They say she is fitting in well and it didn’t take her long to warm up to the family. She follows Amy everywhere, from room to room. Even though she is deaf they still talk to her and have taught her some hand signals to help with communication. It has been challenging but they say it’s been so worthwhile.
Amy says they love everything about Macy and that she’s quite a pill. She has a great personality and she makes them smile every day. She’s very friendly and great with children. She loves being outside and going for rides in the car. She gets five or ten toys out at a time and plays with every single one of them! They can get her going and she does laps around the couch and down the hall and it’s hilarious. Macy loves belly rubs and sleeps on her back.


Amy says, “We would adopt again in a heartbeat and recommend Last Hope to many!”