Happy Tail: Lucy

Julia D Happy Tails

When Lucy’s family first saw her, she was undergoing treatment for parvo through Critter Crusaders. They submitted an inquiry which was forwarded on to Last Hope. Lucy pulled through and Becky, Brad, Emmett, Josie, and Susie fell in love with her face and that started the adoption process. The family had lost a dog about six months prior and they felt Lucy would help heal their hearts. And her gentle nature would be a good fit with the young children.

The first days in her new home were a little overwhelming for Lucy. She came from a foster home with two adults to a home with three energetic kids. Those early days, Lucy would stay very close to mom Becky for reassurance. They began to wonder if their house would ultimately be too busy for Lucy but after about a week, and with some treats, Lucy embraced the energy of the house and learned she could run around and play, too!

When asked what they like about Lucy, Becky answered, “We love how snuggly Lucy is and her sweet and kind personality – everyone who meets her falls in love with her right away. She’s a very fast learner, loyal, and eager to please as well.” Lucy can be pretty lazy and knows just how to arrange the pillows on a bed for a great nap (always with her head on a pillow, of course!). She also enjoys walks, doggy daycare, and the dog park. But her favorite place to be is right next to her new forever family.

We’re so glad the family gave Lucy the chance to adjust to their level of energy and realized she just needed some encouragement and reassurance. Happy life, Lucy and family!