Happy Tail: Hope (fka Brownie)

Julia D Happy Tails

A little over a year ago Hope came into Tim’s life. It was about six weeks after he escorted his beloved Puck to the rainbow bridge. He feels the end of Puck’s life occurred when it did so that he could meet and adopt Hope. Tim states that the meet and greet and adoption process went smoothly and the past year has flown by for him and Hope.

Tim isn’t the only one who stole Hope’s heart; Tim’s significant other, Linda is also loved by Hope as is evidenced by uncontrollable tail wagging whenever she comes to visit them!

Hope is extremely affectionate in the morning when the alarm goes off and she knows they’re about to take their first of four walks during the day. When they get back from their morning walk many times she is so happy she runs “hot laps” from the family room couch to the living room couch, squeaking her ball and grinning from ear to ear!

The picture is of Hope on her favorite spot on the porch. This is what Tim says about the adoption, “I am so happy with her and so grateful to LHAR for all they did for her in her rescue process.  We are both looking forward to many years of the special relationship that a rescue and guardian always seem to have.”

Thank you for giving Hope her loving forever home, Tim! Happy life, Hope!