Happy Tail: Bear (FKA Francesca)

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Emma found Bear (fka Francesca) on the Last Hope website and was interested because she reminded her of her childhood cat whom she adored. She completed an application and says she appreciated the adoption process. Emma liked that we did our best to make sure Bear was going to the right home by checking references and doing a home visit. She and her partner, Nick, set up an appointment to meet Bear and were pleased by her sweet and friendly demeanor. Nick and Emma decided Bear was the right cat for them.

The adjustment period was smooth. She immediately made herself at home in their condo, going from room to room to check out her new domain. The first few nights she was up late, playing and sometimes “talking.” But she slowly adapted to their sleep schedule and now she reports to her spot next to their bed each night and wakes up with them in the morning.

Bear loves their floor-length windows and all the cat-friendly surfaces in her forever home. She soaks up all the love and attention she can get and is great with any visitors to their home, including children. Bear loves chasing her yarn balls, watching the birds out the window, going to the “salon” (aka getting brushed), napping, and would sell her soul for a tuna-flavored treat!

We are so happy that Bear and her new family found each other because it’s clear she was meant to live with Emma and Nick. Happy life, Bear!

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