Dog of the Week: Jerry

Julia D Dog of the Week

Howdy!  I’m Jerry! My foster dad says that I’ve got a spirit like that Rudy kid. … you know, from that movie. … He was a small football player. My foster dad won’t actually tell me the name of the movie just the character, ‘Rudy.’ I don’t think Rudy had a back injury, but the deck was stacked against him and he had grit! He kept on practicing with his whole heart as long as it took. That’s what I do. I’ve got grit. And if I had a few cameras and a social media feed, then I’d be cheered on by the whole world! EVERYONE cheers for an underdog like myself. And it’s been one fight after another for me.

About the time I’d mostly recovered from the accident, I had to move from Texas because some mean guy named Harvey was pushing everyone around. While my back may never fully recover, I’m getting better with moving around. Practice practice practice! I’ve been here long enough I can almost run up the stairs or through the yard like a normal dog. …. sometimes. Other times my nifty back brace helps me out.

For my forever home, I need someone who can give me a lot of attention. Don’t get me wrong, I keep well to myself in my kennel during the day. But when you’re home we’re gonna be a family! Whatever yer doin’, I’ll be there. One more thing you should know. I pride myself on being a good guard dog. Most dogs just watch as a bandit would come in and take your television. Some dogs – grace help them – would even help the bandits carry out your bed. Not me though! I’ll give those bandits ever’thin I got! Side note: You’ll want make sure to introduce all of your friends carefully so I don’t get confused. I take my job very seriously! I look forward to meeting you!

Jerry’s adoption fee is $250.00 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip, and a free obedience class. If you’re interested in Jerry please complete an application HERE or email