Dog of the Week: Fuzz

Julia D Dog of the Week

Fuzz 2

I’m Fuzz and I’m a Husky mix. I am already neutered, house trained, a special needs pet, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs. Fuzz’s Story… Fuzz had surgery in March on a deformed front leg which was successful. He will have some soreness in that leg for awhile and especially after being very active. He needs a full year to recover the strength in that leg so he is considered a special needs dog.  He does love to run after a rolling frisbee and chase his foster canine brothers and sisters.  His energy comes in spurts and he tends to want to rest for a few minutes after running and playing.  He likes short walks and likes to find places along the way to lay in the shade and observe the world.  I would not consider him a good running or biking companion at this time.  Note:  It would be preferable for daily walks to be on grassy areas since he drags his leg a bit and the inner two nails get ground down to the quick. He can be a little stubborn at times so a family who has the patience to train a sometimes stubborn pup will be required as well as a fenced yard.


He knows the basic sit, down, touch and focus commands.  He is housetrained as long as you remember to let him out frequently and he is comfortable in the family.  If he is not let out regularly he may have some “excited” peeing – this is not on purpose, just accidental.  He has gotten much better at waiting until he is let out! He likes to play in the kiddie pool and bite the water.  I have had him de-shedded by a groomer in the spring and he has not shed very much after that, so once a year to remove his winter coat may be enough. Fuzz is looking for an active, loving, forever family to love.  He would also like to be with another active pup so he could have a chasing/wrestling partner.

If you would like more information about Fuzz, please email or complete an application HERE.