Cat of the Week: Merial

Julia D Cat of the Week


Merial is the merriest little ball of fur, purrs and love, and not much else! She is a skinny little thing, but definitely not unhealthy, as she will go to great lengths to be near you. This includes climbing up cat trees you’re standing next to, giving a polite meow, and then putting her front paws on your chest or shoulder and butting her head up against your face. Your heart is melting already, isn’t it?

She’s still pretty young, so playing is definitely a fun learning experience for her as she chases random threads and balls, but more often than not she would simply prefer to be loved on. She can also do magic tricks—just sit down in a room with her, close your eyes, and then poof! When you open them again, Merial will be on your lap! So talented! This sweet and gentle little baby doesn’t seem to want to hurt anyone, and keeps her claws tucked away if there is human skin involved, so if you have children you can rest assured that she’ll love on them just as much as she’ll love on you.

If you’re interested in Merial please complete an application HERE or email