Cat of the Week: Ferrari

Julia D Cat of the Week

Ferrari 2

Ferrari is a gorgeous black and white boy looking for his forever home.  He was rescued, along with 45 other cats, from a serious hoarding situation in January.  After that much competition for love and attention, he is ready to settle down for some one-on-one time with a family that will treasure him – and he has a lot to offer in return.  As a young, healthy cat, Ferrari has his energetic, playful moments, when he is ready to get into mischief with you – but he also knows when it’s time to quiet down for a good snuggle.

He loves to have his ears and chin rubbed and he will even “hold paws” with you while you give him pets with your free hand.  He is very affectionate and social.  Ferrari will fit into most households – he is good with children and other cats, but he would also be fine being your one and only.  Come meet Ferrari and take him for a “test drive!”  You’re sure to fall in love with his sleek fur and new kitty smell. 😉  You need this classic cuteness in your life!

If you’re interested in Ferrari please complete an application HERE or email

Ferrari 3