Cat of the Week: Benson

Julia D Cat of the Week

Benson (or Benny, or Benben, as I like to call him) is a gorgeous kitty who is mostly white, with big patches of striped, gray markings on his body. He is a lovely sight to behold, and his beautiful coat is interestingly somewhere in between long and short fur. He’s like a little lion, discolored lion! This big baby is gorgeous, and just like a piece of modern artwork—very chill, usually stays at a bit of a distance, and likes to do his own thing most of the time, but he won’t turn down some love when you pass by and scratch his ears. Just watch out if his tail starts swishing back and forth quickly, because it means he’s about to pounce! He also has the longest tail I have ever seen on a cat, so, because he will grace you with his presence once he’s warmed up to you, make sure not to accidentally step on it! Benben would probably prefer a larger indoor area that he can roam freely, and he doesn’t seem to like being cooped up in a small room. Benson. Wants. Out. And he cannot stress that enough. If you pass by a door and Benson is behind it, he will make himself known with the most plaintive, pleading meows you have ever heard. You’ll want to drop what you’re doing, open that door, and let him into your life!

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