Cat of the Week: Annie

Julia D Cat of the Week


Annie came to us with 26 other cats and kittens. She was days away from giving birth to her own litter. Unfortunately,  with that many cats coming in from one home, we ran out of foster homes quickly and Annie gave birth to her 4 kittens at our newly opened Adoption Center. Fortunately we were able to find another rescue to take in Annie and her kittens where she was able to raise them in an environment more conducive to raising a family.
As Annie’s kittens reached adoption age they all found homes of their own. Meanwhile Annie waited at Kitty City for her new family. Recently Kitty City lost their building and had to relocate many of their cats. Annie made her way back to Last Hope and into a foster home.
Annie 3
Annie is a sweet cat. Likes to play with toys and doesn’t really mind dogs or other cats. Give her a couple weeks to get to know you and you have a friend for life! If you’d like more information about Annie, please email or complete an application HERE.
Annie 2