October Happy Tail: Jackson

Julia D Happy Tails

 Meow, I’m Jackson,

Last Hope rescued me back in January 2017 from an awful situation. I’m so glad they did because I was so scared.

Barb from LHAR fostered me.  I don’t understand what that means but I know I was okay. Then, one day she took me to a cat ADOPTION party.  I catnapped there because that’s what I do.  Next they took me into a quiet room were I met this lady named Julli.  She hugged me, cried happy tears. SHE WAS EXCITED!

I also met Julli’s husband, John.  They took me to a place they call “HOME.”  Home has clean water (I like it from a faucet), yummy food, fish in a tank, toys, and these larger animals, called grandchildren.  They are loud, fun, and silly just like me.  I enjoy running out from under the bed to scare them.

I love my new family and they love me!  My life is purr-fect!


Jackson, Julli and John