Happy Tail: Lucy

Julia D Happy Tails

Rod and Wendy found Last Hope through Adopt a Pet and while searching on our website found Lucy (formerly Lily). Wendy thought she had the cutest face and after reading her bio decided they needed to meet her.

Lucy took to her new home with a couple of exceptions. The new, furry cat bed they got just for her? No thanks! At first, the robot vacuum was a no-go but she’s made peace with it and will even dare it to come near her on occasion. On the other hand, the screened porch is a favorite spot to go “outside” and see what’s going on out there. Lucy also loves her scratching posts and uses them enthusiastically.

Now that she’s settled in, Lucy is a happy and healthy cat. She loves to play with her toys. She is the ruler of the house and she’s well aware of it. She is sweet and well-behaved; she never gets up on the counters. She has her favorite places to sleep and even a preferred blanket when it’s time to go to bed.

Lucy has a wonderful temperament and likes to adhere to a schedule. There is a time for treats, time for meals, and a time for bed. And she’s the first cat Wendy met who truly loves to have her belly rubbed! She also loves to play fetch with her little foam balls. They throw them for her and she brings them back to be thrown again. She’ll do that for hours. Perhaps we shouldn’t share this secret about her, but Lucy loves to watch the toilet flush! She’ll stand over it and meow until it’s flushed then watch while the water disappears and comes back again. Perhaps a little less embarrassing is her love for treats and being combed.

Wendy says, “Lucy has brought a lot of joy to us empty-nesters. Last Hope was wonderful to work with on her adoption. We are thrilled with our newest family member!”

We love happy endings like this. Lucy has definitely found a wonderful forever home and she has brought happiness to Rod and Wendy.