Happy Tail: Lexi

Julia D Happy Tails

Kristin, a teacher in Alburnett, became aware of Lexi (formerly Aspen) after Lexi came for a visit to the school. She looked into Lexi and soon she and her family (Adam, Claire, and Cade) met Lexi and they loved the way she interacted with all of them. Soon after that, Lexi was formally adopted by the family.

The first week Lexi was in the home she seemed a little overwhelmed by the noise and movement in the house. She slept a lot the first week off by herself. But after that first week, she began coming out of her sleeping space and interacting with the family. They were patient with her and gave her time to get used to her new life. It’s been great since then!

Now that Lexi is a part of the family, she “helps” drop the kids off at activities by riding shotgun in the car, she puts the kids to bed, she stays by Kristin’s side night and day, and she loves soft toys and treats them with care.┬áLexi loves to get the zoomies, devour pup cups from Starbucks, sleep by Kristin, go for walks, and ride in the car.

Lexi came into their lives after the loss of their beloved Bear, a 12-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever. They were heartbroken by the loss but Lexi seemed to see their broken hearts, especially Kristin’s, and found a way to help them love again while still honoring the memory of Bear. The first minute after the adoption was finalized, they saw a cardinal in their backyard. They believe cardinals indicate that an angel is near. They believe it was Bear welcoming Lexi home and showing them he was happy they could love a dog again.

We are thankful that Lexi obviously found a wonderful, loving home to land in. Thank you, Kristin, Adam, Claire, and Cade for allowing heartspace for Lexi.