Hall Of Fame Donors

Donations of $500 or more will be honored on our Hall of Fame wall.


 Anonymous donation are welcome, please check the appropriate box on the donation form.
David Maier & Matthew McGrane
Pepsi Donation Match David Maier & Matthew McGrane
Cathy Buenzow $5000

Megan Dulin Cedar River Garden Center $5000

Kathy Condon $3000
Donna Novak $2500

Jamie Schulte $2000

Cedar Rapids JayCees $2000
Beverly Dyott $2500

Susan Elliott Bryan $2000

Josh & Molly Baynes $1500
Laura Smith $1000
Connie Olson $1000
Diana Martin $1000
Estate of Thomas or Jamie Bower $1000
Angie Schmidt $1000
Anonymity Requested $1000
Mary Tangeman $1000
Wendy Willenbring $1000
Matt Garrett & Molly Braid $750
Melissa Richlen $700
John and Linda Pisney $550
In memory of Don Condon $530
Randy Dunst $500
Natalie and Rebekah Martin $500
Carol Doser $500
Michael and Diana Martin $500
Carol Nickels $550
Benjamin Elliott $500
David and Patty Deardorff $500
Dan & Patricia Condon $500
Maryann & Clarence Frazer $500

Great Success

Since moving into the building we have been able to make an even greater impact on the lives of homeless animals. We have been able to increase our intake and the visibility of the hard-to-adopt animals. We have already seen what a difference we can make with the proper facilities and resources. We’d like to share a couple of those stories with you.


Last Hope was contacted in February about a situation in a nearby town. A man and his son had gone to his mothers home and started beating her cats with baseball bats and shooting them with BB guns. We had just moved into the Adoption Center and knew we had to do everything we could to help. Within just a couple days we arranged with the sheriff’s department and another organization to help remove the cats from the home.

We took 25 cats and kittens that day, including one litter of kittens only days old. We were only able to do this because we had a building to house them, a place where they could be examined, isolated, and treated for their illnesses. All of the cats came in with respiratory infections or other issues; one even had a BB lodged under her ear. It’s been a long road but many have now found their forever homes.

A Great Success

Gemma came to Last Hope through Waterloo Animal Control over 2 years ago. She spent much of her time with us at Cedar Run Boarding or at the shelter in Shellsburg. While Gemma loves people she was always a little more picky about her doggy friends. This caused her to be overlooked, time and time again.

Because of the new Adoption Center Gemma was able to get the exposure she needed. A volunteer started taking her home on the weekends and spending time with her. They found out she loves kids, updated her bio, and started working on finding her forever home. In April Gemma found her forever home!

The Love


“For the past year, the kids and I have been talking about rescuing a Pit Bull from Last Hope. We would look at all the beautiful dogs needing good homes. We all agreed that we were ready and started picking out our favorites from the website. Gemma stood out to us! When we pulled up, Gemma was at the front door looking out like she was waiting for us! We met and fell in love with her instantly.

Gemma adjusted very well and quickly. She loves her new fenced backyard and loves to run with her new friend, Bella, a Pit/Boxer mix next door. She loves to go on walks and, with her new harness, she walks very well and the kids are even the ones walking her! She is so gentle with everyone, especially our youngest child. It’s like she knows that they are not as strong as adults. She is so smart, loving, and cuddly!” – Gemma’s Forever Family

A Hopeful Volunteer

“I signed up to volunteer with Last Hope Animal Rescue in February of 2015, more for myself than anything else. I have a fairly stressful job that takes up a lot of my life and I needed another focus in my life. I have always had a love for animals, and I really wasn’t sure if I could handle seeing homeless animals in a shelter,but I thought I would just give it a try.

What I have seen at Last Hope has truly AMAZED me. I have seen animals scared to death, some with fleas and heartworms, and even some without hair come to Last Hope where they are cared for with pure love from the volunteers. I have seen these animals get healthy again and come out of their scared shells to become wonderful loving animals. I can’t even think of words to describe the amazing network of people I have met. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, and kind. I have not only fallen in love with all of the animals, but all of these amazing people as well.

The best part of volunteering has been seeing these animals adopted out into loving homes. I love that some of the adopters keep in touch. I love seeing the joy these animals have brought to their lives and how happy the animals are in their new homes. It makes the hard work so worthwhile and definitely rewarding. If there is ever a time when I think I don’t have enough time in my life to volunteer, I think of the end result…..the happy homes Last Hope has created, and I MAKE the time!! This has been one of the most rewarding adventures I have ever been on and I am so grateful for it!”  Kathy Bzdill

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