Happy Tail: Lily

Julia D Happy Tails

Lily 2

In January of 2015 we made the decision that it was time for us to open our home to a second dog. We had the time and resources to do so and our dog, Annie, needed a canine companion. We believe strongly in adopting rescues so we began our search on dog rescue websites in Cedar Rapids.

We came across Lily at Last Hope Animal Rescue. She was an American Eskimo mix who had been rescued in Florida where she was found wondering as a stray. She was transported from Florida to Cedar Rapids into the loving and caring arms of the incredible people at Last Hope. She was fostered for a year by Donna Williams who taught Lily that humans can be caring and loving.

We met Lily at a home visit and immediately fell in love with her. She was a sweet, gentle soul and we knew she was meant to be part of our family. Lily moved into our home in late January of 2015.

Lily had some physical challenges. When she was rescued she had a flea infestation that had caused her to lose much of her fur. In addition, she had lost most of her hearing. We took her to our veterinarian, Dr. Nathan Hein at Heartland Animal Clinic, for a complete checkup. Dr. Hein discovered that she had cataracts in her left eye and thus had very little sight in that eye. He also found that she had broken both of her rear legs at some point and neither healed properly so they did not bend normally. Finally, she had nerve damage in her shoulders that caused her to have balance issues on slippery surfaces such as hardwood floors and ceramic tile. It was estimated that Lily was about 10 years old when she moved into our home.

It would have been easy for Lily to give up on life because of her physical challenges and her prior life in Florida. Instead Lily had an indomitable, unbeatable spirit and a strong will to live. She woke every morning with a smile on her face and pushed herself up out of bed to start her day. She was an inspiration to us.

Lily couldn’t play fetch or run in the yard but she never passed up an opportunity to go for a walk with us and enjoy time sniffing the deer trails in our neighborhood. She loved to snuggle with us on the sofa, a good ear scratch and rides in the car. She was a delight to have in our daily lives.


Unfortunately time and her physical issues caught up with Lily in December. She began to have trouble standing and walking. We were able to help her through the use of a Help them Up Harness but after the Holidays she took a major turn for the worse and she passed away on January 5th, 2016.

We lost a friend, a companion we loved dearly. Our only regret with Lily is that we did not get to have her in our family for a longer period of time. We will miss and love Lily for the rest of our lives.

We would like to thank the rescuers in Florida who found Lily and took her in, Last Hope Animal Rescue for fostering Lily and finding a home for her. Thank you to the wonderful people at Heartland Animal Clinic who treated Lily with such compassion and helped us extend her life. A big thank you to the staff at Apple Creek Kennels who cared for Lily when we traveled; they loved and spoiled her on each of her visits.

We wanted to tell Lily’s story for several reasons. First to honor her life, she is an amazing soul that the world will miss. Second, to encourage everyone to consider adopting rescue animals, there are many wonderful animals like Lily that need loving homes. Third, if you can’t adopt an animal consider supporting groups like Last Hope Animal Rescue with a financial donation. They selflessly do incredible work for animals in need.


Dog of the Week: Bordeaux

Julia D Dog of the Week


My name is Bordeaux and I am a 2 year old boxer mix. I am 80 pounds of love! I am very good on a leash and I love walks. I know sit, down and shake and I truly enjoy belly rubs. I am house trained and crate trained. I am looking for a home that will give me love and attention and lots of snuggles. I would do best in a home where I am the only dog, and I am not sure about cats.. but I would love to have a family with lots of kids to play with me!  I am willing to please and would love to find my forever home. Will you please give me a chance?

If you’re interested in Bordeaux, please complete an application HERE or email adoptions@adopthope.org.

Bordeaux 2


Cat of the Week: Leonard

Julia D Cat of the Week


Leonard is currently living with his brother in a foster home.  He doesn’t have a sad sad story to tell in fact he might be rather spoiled.  But he is such a good little boy,  he doesn’t know his  name is suppose to be Leonard so you will be able to call him whatever you like.   His foster Mom just nicknamed him Pretty Boy.     Pretty boy is a  typical  kitten who loves to play with cat toys and  anything else that catches his attention.   When he gets tired he looks for a nice soft lap to go to sleep on.   Or if you have a computer he will  crawl up there  and sleep on your desk to keep you company while you do your work.  He gets along with the three cats and dog that live at his foster home.    Pretty  boy and his brother all deserve a good forever home,  they start purring as soon as they see you and wait for their turn to get some attention and loving.

If you’re interested in Leonard, please complete an application HERE or email adoptions@adopthope.org.

Leonard 2


Dog of the Week: Duke/Jock

Julia D Dog of the Week


Hi, I’m Duke! I am a charming, happy, Red Heeler mix approximately one year old. I do excellent walking on a leash; I love to go for walks. I also love car rides, stuffed animals, and playing in a fenced in back yard. I am house broken. I do well with other dogs, and I would love a home with other dogs to help give me some confidence. I am very intelligent so I am very easily trained. I know what sit and stay mean, but I could use some more training to work on those commands and anything else you want to teach me. I should be around kids who are older than 14 until I get better at my commands.  I love to run and play; I have a whole lot of energy! I’m just transitioning out of my puppy stage! I also love to cuddle, give kisses and be loved by my human companion. I am very lovey! I am very cautious of new people. I really prefer to come check you out first, and I really rather you don’t pet me until I know you will treat me with kindness. I can’t tell my friends at Last Hope what happened to me before I came to stay with them, but all they know is that it takes me a while to trust people. Once I know I can trust someone, I am full of love and kisses! I am a very loyal companion and I just want to please my human companion! I can’t wait to find my forever home. I hope you will give me a chance to show you how much love I have to give!

Duke 2

Cat of the Week: Missy

Julia D Cat of the Week


Hi, my name is Missy. I am an older, laid-back girl. I enjoy spending my day curled up in a chair and soaking up any petting I get. I also like to play too. No toys no problem! I will chase my own tail for minutes on end. It really amuses the humans I live with. I get along with my foster sister and brothers. I like boys more than girls, but I still get along with my foster sister. I wasn’t sure about dogs at first, but I have been around them enough now that they don’t bother me. I live with a tiny human and I have gotten used to her too. I like it when she gently pets me and I especially like it when she gives me treats! I enjoy talking to humans, and they always hear me because I have a loud, but cute meow. I love being petted and don’t mind getting my nails trimmed.

If you’re interested in Missy, please complete an application HERE or email adoptions@adopthope.org.


Dog of the Week: Bella

Julia D Dog of the Week


My name is Bella and I am a gorgeous Boxer mix. No kids, cats or dogs inside my house, I could get jealous, territorial, or protective.  BUT, I’m great going on walks – not dog aggressive and I love every human, big or small, that I meet along the way.  (I’m a kisser and I will even try to kiss strangers!)  My best friend has neighboring dogs and when I visit her, I don’t mind them. I’m about as playful as they come.  I love, love, love to fetch a ball, so get your throwing arm ready!  But don’t worry if you get tired, just have a seat, because I will always return the ball right into your hand!  I’ll quit when I get tired, but I’ll throw the ball into your lap when I’m ready to play again. (I’m sooo smart!  And housebroken!  I’ll whine a little so you’ll know that I need to go potty.)

I’ve been living in a kennel/shelter for years and my best friend is worried about me.  She knows that I get the best care possible (I’m a shelter favorite – everybody loves me), but I want to be in a home!  I light up like a firefly when she comes to take me to her house, but then she sees the sorrow, sadness and depression in my eyes and body language when she takes me back to my kennel. Please save me.  I will be your loving best friend for life.

If you’re interested in Bella, please complete an application HERE or email adoptions@adopthope.org.

Bella 2

Cat of the Week: Axel

Julia D Cat of the Week


Axel is a sweet kitten with lots of love to give! He’s a playful boy who loves to climb up, up, up. He would love to have a tower or a shelf or two to climb on, but his favorite is climbing up on your shoulders. His favorite place to nap in his foster home is on the back of the recliner. He loves to be petted and will purr and purr when he gets some attention.  He does great with the cats and dogs in his foster home and loves his human foster sister too!

If you’re interested in Axel, please complete an application HERE or contact crystal@adopthope.org with any questions about Axel.

Axel 2

Dog of the Week: Clover

Julia D Dog of the Week


Hi I am Clover! I am a Husky/Lab mix. I have beautiful ice blue eyes that will melt your heart. I’m an energetic gal so I would really like to have an active FUREVER home!  I love running and jumping in mid air to catch a treat. Tennis balls are my all time favorite toy! I love stuffed toys but tear them apart quickly because they give me a little attitude when I start chewing on them. I’m a really good girl and prefer to have my humans to all to myself.  I’m not too fond of cats because they shed and other dogs, well they tend to steal the spotlight so that upsets me.  I love the water and playing in the kiddie pool! I’ll let you paint my toe nails and rub my belly all the time.  I am a smart girl and can’t wait to meet my forever people!

If you’re interested in Clover, please complete an application HERE or email adoptions@adopthope.org.

Clover 2

Cat of the Week: Baby Girl

Julia D Cat of the Week

Hi, my name is Baby Girl. You could also call me a princess or a diva. I like to be noticed and spoiled. In return for your attention I will give you lots of love and affection. If you want an interactive kitty I am the one for you! I am black and white with beautiful green eyes. I watch my figure well and stay slim and slender. I am only a year old so I am still very youthful, but not a messy baby kitten anymore. I like to talk a lot. I currently live with other cats at the Adoption Center and get along with them alright, but I really would like to be the only cat in your home so I can have you all to myself. I am spayed, up to date on my shots and have a microchip. My adoption donation is only $75.Baby Girl

If you’re interested in learning more or adopting Baby Girl, please complete an application HERE or contact adoptions@adopthope.org.

Dog of the Week: Duke Brown

Julia D Dog of the Week

Duke Brown

Hi, I am Duke Brown! I am about a 2-year-old English Bulldog and I am looking for a foster or forever home.  I am not a fan of things that “meow” and I really like to have my humans all to myself, so I would like to be the only dog in your house.  I already know some people words like “sit”, “down” and “shake” and I can learn so many more!  I will do anything for a treat!  And just look at my squishy face! I am adorable! Well that’s what everyone tells me!

If you’re interested in Duke Brown, please email adoptions@adopthope.org or complete an application HERE.