Cat of the Week: Oscar

Julia D Cat of the Week


Oscar is a lovable young male who is well behaved and oh-so sweet! He loves to cuddle and likes to plop down and roll over in front of you in a plea to get you to pet him! He is a quiet, shy kitty who takes a while to warm up to people. He prefers to come to you for snuggles and then will purr charmingly next to you while you pet him. He would sit next to you for HOURS if you pet him, he loves it! Even though he gets a bit scared, he has always behaved very well with other cats and kids. Since he is a shy guy, he would do best in a quieter home with adults or older children.

Oscar 2

For more information about Oscar please email or complete an application HERE.


Dog of the Week: Clover

Julia D Dog of the Week


Clover 2Clover 3This gorgeous girl is Clover! I am a Husky/Lab mix. I have beautiful ice blue eyes that will melt your heart. I’m an energetic gal so I would really like to have an active FUREVER home!  I love running and jumping in mid air to catch a treat. Tennis balls are my all time favorite toy! I love stuffed toys but tear them apart quickly because they give me a little attitude when I start chewing on them. 😉 I’m a really good girl and prefer to have my humans all to myself.  I’m not too fond of cats because they shed. 😉 And other dogs, well they tend to steal the spotlight so that upsets me.  I love the water and playing in the kiddie pool! I’ll let you paint my toe nails and rub my belly all the time.  I am a smart girl and can’t wait to meet my forever people!  Indoor homes only!

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Cat of the Week: Shelby

Julia D Cat of the Week

Shelby 2

Shelby is a little white with grey tabby.  She is good with dogs, cats and respectful children.  She loves to climb and play with paper and boxes.  She is a medium level activity kitten.  She is a little more laid back and reserved compared to her siblings and she is an expert cuddler.  She would do best in a low key to medium activity level family.  She would not thrive in a high stress-level family.  She is litter box trained, as all her siblings are.

If you would like more information about Shelby please email or complete an application HERE.



Dog of the Week: Lacey

Julia D Dog of the Week


Lacey 2Lacey 3My name is Lacey! I am a Mountain Cur mix. I love to cuddle with people big or small. I also love stuffed animals and rawhide bones. I like to play outside or in, but can also relax and take a nap. Lately, I have been learning how to walk on a leash and try not to pull too hard. I am working on that. I am selective of my doggy friends because I like to be top dog,  but with a slow introduction I might be okay.  I’m not a fan of cats though. I would do best with a yard that I could run around in and explore, but a tie out would do as well with the proper harness that I can’t slip out of.

If you would like more information about Lacey please email or complete an application HERE.

Cat of the Week: Lexus

Julia D Cat of the Week


This beautiful little white with black and gray patches kitten is Lexus.  She was the runt of the litter and half the size of her litter mates.  Lexus is a delicate little dew drop and can be a little timid in busy environments.  She loves to run and play with her siblings but she also loves to nurture them when they need it.  Lexus is a very nurturing kitten for her age and is a wise old soul trapped in a kitten body.  She is litter box trained like her siblings.  Lexus would do best in a low key home that enjoys a slower pace.  She is good with dogs, cats and respectful children.  She would be perfect as a library or office cat.  She is also an expert snuggler.

If you would like more information about Lexus please email or complete an application HERE.

Lexus 2


Dog of the Week: Lana

Julia D Dog of the Week


Lana 2Lana 3Lana is an energetic two-year-old sweetie.  She may be black like a lab, but she is bouncy like a terrier, follows her nose like a bloodhound, and prances on long legs like a whippet.  That why we call her an “American Shelter Dog.”  She came to us as a stray from Texas, enjoyed her flight to Iowa, and now enjoys car rides.  A few scars indicate she may have had a rough life on the streets but she is quickly learning to enjoy the good life with people. In her foster home, Lana is becoming more reliable with her house training and is learning some obedience commands. Mostly she wants to either play-wrestle with her canine friend or curl up and relax on mommy’s bed!  At just 35 lbs. she is a smallish dog, with a big curiosity about the world.  She is kennel-trained, walks on a leash fairly well, will run alongside a bicycle, is comfortable with strangers, kids, and other dogs.  She should not go to a home with cats though.  A home with lots of snuggles and perhaps some jogging and visits to the dog park for running would be great!

If you’d like more information about Lana please email or complete an application HERE.


Happy Tail: Max

Julia D Happy Tails

Max 7Natalie and her husband, Matt, adopted Max (formerly Sonny) from Last Hope and things are going great!

Natalie says it was a little challenging at first to find the right dog and get to him before someone else did, but I think maybe Max was worth the wait.

She says the adjustment to his new home has been great and he seems really happy. He was mostly house trained and crate trained so that helped with the transition. She has always had bigger dogs so she likes this smaller version that she can scoop up whenever she needs to. “He is also the biggest snuggler ever and we love that. He dances and jumps on his hind legs and it’s hilarious.”

Max 6This is the first dog they have rescued and it’s been a learning experience. One thing Natalie said was to be open to anything when rescuing. When she first saw Max she didn’t think she was interested because he didn’t look like what she thought her dog would look like. But they met Max and fell in love!

Thank you, Natalie and Matt, for sharing your story and for giving Max his forever home!



Dog of the Week: Mrs. Butter

Julia D Dog of the Week

Mrs. Butter

Mrs. Butter was a family pet until a child became allergic and she needed a new home. She is a Rat Terrier/Min Pin mix and she is very friendly and loves attention. She is great with kids and does get along with other dogs, but can be selective and would do best with a dog that is not submissive. Her ideal home would be one where is the only dog and can enjoy all of the attention!

She loves to play with toys and have her tummy scratched. You really can’t deny her that as she rolls onto her back and nudges your hand. Feel like relaxing? Take a seat on the couch and she’ll crawl up on your lap and fall asleep. She’s a rare find as she is already adjusted to family living and doesn’t seem to have any issues. You’ll find her fitting in to your family from day one.

Mrs. Butter 2


Cat of the Week: Baby Girl

Julia D Cat of the Week

Baby Girl

Baby is a very loving kitten. She is playful, but also loves to cuddle. She does good with other cats but has never been around dogs so not sure how she would react to dogs. Be prepared for her to try and cuddle with you every night when you go to sleep. Baby Girl is spayed and up to date on her rabies and distemper vaccinations.

If you are interested in learning more about Baby Girl please email or complete an application HERE.

Baby Girl 2


Dog of the Week: Cletus

Julia D Dog of the Week


Cletus is heartworm positive and will begin treatment soon.

Cletus 2Cletus 3This handsome guy is Cletus who flew in all the way from the Lone Star State. His history is unknown but based on his previous condition it’s possible he was used as a hog dog. Hog dogs are quite common in Texas. Picture Old Yeller grouping the hogs together for his boy to get a good idea of what his job may have been and how difficult it is. So some of his past injuries are consistent to cuts and bites received from angry hogs.  Despite having such a tough beginning, he is totally soft on the inside. He is a gentleman to all he meets. Although he’s probably never lived in a house before, he is quite respectful of your belongings.

He is working on walking with a leash and tends to follow his nose when he picks up a scent but walks perfectly when he has his Gentle Leader on. He is working on house training, as this is all new to him.   Cletus is a low maintenance dog meaning he does not excessively bark, does not need a lot of activity, and is not destructive or anxious. He is content laying in the yard enjoying the sunshine or sitting next to you watching television.

If you would like more information on Cletus please email or complete an application HERE.