Cat of the Week: Emerson

Julia D Cat of the Week


Emerson is a happy go lucky cat that loves attention, gets along great with other cats, and adjusted very quickly to my dog. I have been using a spray bottle to discourage her from jumping on the counters, and it is working well, but she is a little explorer.

If you’re interested in Emerson, please complete an application HERE or email

Emerson 2


Dog of the Week: King

Julia D Dog of the Week


Hi! I am King! I am a very friendly, happy boy! Don’t let my size fool you. I am nothing but cuddles and kisses.  I love people! I am still pretty young so I have lots of potential to learn so much with a family of my own. I am pretty good on a leash but need to be reminded sometimes that I am not supposed to pull.  Did I say I love to give kisses if you let me! Cats don’t seem to bother me too much, but I am not too sure of them. I am a big guy so I may accidentally knock small kids down.

If you are interested in this beautiful boy please complete an application HERE or email

King 2


Cat of the Week: Mercedes

Julia D Cat of the Week


Mercedes is a diluted calico that came in as a stray with her six kittens.  She is very cautious of people and will need someone with patience to help her adjust to her new life as a house cat, since she is way too classy to be a street cat.  She is litter box trained and never has accidents.  With patience, she will allow you to pet her and she is very gentle.  She needs someone special to help her come out of her shell and once that happens, she will make a wonderful addition to the family.    Mercedes is good with other cats, dogs and gentle children.

If you’re interested in Mercedes, please complete an application HERE or email

Mercedes 2


Dog of the Week: Scrappy

Julia D Dog of the Week


Scrappy is a sweet loving little dog who only weighs about 15 lbs. more or less. He is a year old. His birthday was December 11th. He is a real home-body, and prefers to stay inside. But there are times when he must go outside. He is doing very good with his house breaking…He is looking for his “fur-ever” home. He is short haired, and doesn’t seem to shed too much at this time. He can be somewhat protective of those he loves most. He is a modest higher energy dog so very young children wouldn’t be good for Scrappy. Ages 8 or 9 would be as young as I would recommend.  One other dog would be best – he loves to play. But he does get jealous, and would like to get all the attention. He does have some food protective issues, but never toward his human fosters. So he eats in his kennel.  He seems to prefer women a little better than men. But seems to like my husband just fine. He is up to date on vacinations, is neutered, and wormed, and, has a transferable health plan! Scrappy would love to meet you…

If you’re interested in learning more about Scrappy, please complete an application HERE or email

Scrappy 2


Cats of the Week: Ferrari and Alfa Romeo

Julia D Cat of the Week


Ferrari is a gorgeous, black and white boy looking for his forever home.  He was rescued, along with 45 other cats, from a serious hoarding situation in January.  After that much competition for love and attention, he is ready to settle down for some one-on-one time with a family that will treasure him – and he has a lot to offer in return.  As a young, healthy cat, Ferrari has his energetic, playful moments, when he is ready to get into mischief with you – but he also knows when it’s time to quiet down for a good snuggle.  He loves to have his ears and chin rubbed and he will even “hold paws” with you while you give him pets with your free hand.  He is very affectionate and social.  Ferrari will fit into most households – he is good with children and other cats, but he would also be fine being your one and only.  Come meet Ferrari and take him for a “test drive!”  You’re sure to fall in love with his sleek fur and new kitty smell. 😉  You need this classic cuteness in your life!     P.S. Ferrari gets along really well with his roommate, Alfa Romeo, who you can see him cuddling with in some of his pictures.  Alfa Romeo was rescued from the same home.  So if you’re looking to add TWO classics to your household, these boys would do great together.

Alfa Romeo

Single White (and Black) Male Seeks Lifelong Companion and Playmate.  Must like cuddling and appreciate my cuteness!    Meet Alfa Romeo!  This beautiful boy was rescued from a serious hoarding situation in late January, when he and 45 other cats were removed from a single home.  He may have had a rough start, but you’d never know it when you meet this friendly boy.  Alfa Romeo is sweet, full of purrs, and ready to climb into your lap as soon as he meets you.  When he is not cuddling and giving face rubs, he is energetic and playful and it is fun to watch him interact with his toys and other cats.  He is ready for a family of his own – he gets along with other cats, and would do fine in a home with children.  He will make someone a wonderful companion – please ask about him today!   P.S. You can see Alfa Romeo snuggling with his buddy, Ferrari, in some of these photos.  Ferrari was rescued from the same home and the two enjoy each other’s company.  They will do just fine adopted separately, but if you are interested in adopting a pair, these two would be a great match – double the fun and double the cuteness!  They are the perfect yin and yang with their complementary coloring.

If you’re interested in learning more about one or both of these beauties, please complete an application HERE or email


Dog of the Week: Barclay

Julia D Dog of the Week


Hi! I am Barclay. I traveled all the way from Egypt to find my forever home in Iowa.  I like it here, everyone is very nice to me.  I am about 1 1/2 years old.  I had a pretty rough time before I came to Iowa.  I am missing some hair on my body because of some very bad people.  But no worries now.. I am all healed up and really want a home were I can love on all my people. I will need to be with kids over 10 because I am still pretty sensitive where I lost my hair and I can get a little nippy if little people are touching me there. I will need on going care for my skin so I don’t get sores.  I know lots of commands too.  I can sit, down, shake and I am crate trained. I love to play with toys too! I like being the only dog in the house so I can get all the attention! Everyone says I am a very handsome boy.  I would love to meet you!

If you’re interested in learning more about Barclay, please complete an application HERE or email

Barclay 2


Cat of the Week: Sawyer

Julia D Cat of the Week


This little guy is a real charmer.  He’s a little shy to start with but once he warms up he’s a real snuggler .  He loves to curl up and sleep on his foster Dad’s lap. Sawyer gets along well with other cats and small, quiet dogs too. This little guy really needs the love of a forever home.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sawyer, please complete an application HERE or email

Sawyer 3


Dog of the Week: Bella

Julia D Dog of the Week


My name is Bella and I am a gorgeous Boxer mix. No kids, cats or dogs inside my house, I could get jealous, territorial, or protective.  BUT, I’m great going on walks – not dog aggressive and I love every human, big or small, that I meet along the way.  (I’m a kisser and I will even try to kiss strangers!)  My best friend has neighboring dogs and when I visit her, I don’t mind them. I’m about as playful as they come.  I love, love, love to fetch a ball, so get your throwing arm ready!  But don’t worry if you get tired, just have a seat, because I will always return the ball right into your hand!  I’ll quit when I get tired, but I’ll throw the ball into your lap when I’m ready to play again. (I’m sooo smart!  And housebroken!  I’ll whine a little so you’ll know that I need to go potty.)

I’ve been living in a kennel/shelter for years and my best friend is worried about me.  She knows that I get the best care possible (I’m a shelter favorite – everybody loves me), but I want to be in a home!  I light up like a firefly when she comes to take me to her house, but then she sees the sorrow, sadness and depression in my eyes and body language when she takes me back to my kennel. Please save me.  I will be your loving best friend for life.

If you’re interested in Bella, please complete an application HERE or email

Bella 2


Dog of the Week: Rilee

Julia D Dog of the Week


Hi, my name is Rilee Ruckles.  One thing you must know about me is that I LOVE water!  I love to run into creeks and swim and play!  I would love to have a pool of my own when the weather allows for it.  I also love to go on long walks and love to play fetch!  I know how to sit, lay, shake, and catch treats!  I am very dog selective, in my foster home I get along great with the male husky, and a very submissive female, but I’m not so great with some of the smaller dogs, and I’m a little too curious about the cats. I would like to be the top dog, but maybe if I click with the right family, all will be well.   I would do best with children 8+ as sometimes I like to jump on my people when I’m excited!  I love to snuggle, I’m very affectionate and love to give my people kisses!! I would do best with someone who knows about Huskies and know that sometimes we dig if we get bored, and that I can be an escape artist if given the chance. At least a six-foot fence is needed. Luckily, if you decide you want me to join your family, I come with a six week obedience class. I hope to find my forever family soon!

If you’re interested in Rilee, please complete an application HERE or email

Rilee 2