Happy Tail: Janey (FKA Zoey)

Julia D Happy Tails

Ellen recently adopted a cat from Last Hope and she graciously agreed to share her Happy Tail. Here is the story in her words:

I adopted a cat from Last Hope in early May. About a month into quarantine, I decided things were a little too quiet and it was time to get a kitten to join me and my 18 year old cat. I contacted a number of rescues about the kind of cat I thought would be a good fit — a younger kitten that was good with other cats, cuddly with people but happy to cede my lap to the senior cat, playful but not totally bonkers. Last Hope put me in touch with three different foster families and a couple of rescue volunteers to talk about different cats in their care. They ended up suggesting I meet Zoey, a cat I hadn’t even noticed on their website, along with a couple more I was interested in. They take thorough COVID precautions so the Adoption Center visit felt totally safe. I walked in and Zoey came running right up to me. She was an adorable little thing and they were exactly right about her being the cat for me. I brought her home right then, and changed her name to Janey, in honor of the 1890s progressive reformer Jane Addams (I’m a history teacher).

She settled in immediately, cuddling, playing, and, once she realized she was fast enough to escape the room where I was trying to keep her to do a slow introduction between the two cats, exploring the house. Last Hope really had listened to my situation and concerns and they found me the perfect kitten to breathe some new life into my little household without driving my elderly cat up the wall. It took the older cat a couple of weeks to come around, but Janey was completely unbothered by her new sister’s hissing and yowling. She’s now a full-grown 1-year-old. She loves nothing more than bounding into my room for snuggles first thing every morning, napping with my other cat, chasing bugs, and she even plays fetch! She has tons of personality, and she makes me laugh every day.

It sounds like a great match! Thank you, Ellen, for sharing your story and for choosing to rescue. We’re so glad things have worked out so well.