2021 Last Hope Animal Rescue Kitten Fund

Mama Ellie and her 4 kittens born 3/13/21

Every year Last Hope sees an increased need to help cats in need, especially during “kitten season” which typically runs from March through October. During this time we take in many pregnant cats and help them to successfully deliver litters of kittens and then work to get everyone spayed and neutered to help control pet populations.  In 2020 alone, we cared for 281 kittens under the age of 6 months old.

Many times, mother cats will provide their litters with the nutrition and care they need however, we are always prepared to assist with cats that may not naturally take to caring for their litter or orphaned kittens abandoned and brought to Last Hope for help.

2021 is off to a busy start, as we have 5 pregnant or nursing moms in our care already! Caring for kittens is a rewarding job, however it can require lots of hands on attention when a little one fails to thrive on their own.  We rely on the help of our volunteers and foster homes, and have a great need for supplies to assist in this care.  Please consider a donation to the Last Hope Kitten Fund, we have created a supply list as well as a fun fundraising opportunity for those looking to get involved!


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Ellie's 4 Kittens, only a few days old and still in need of names!


Name a kitten for a good cause!



Have a great name in mind, or a creative theme for a litter of new kitten names? We could use your help!

Make a $20 donation for a chance to have the honor of naming a new litter of kittens; typically we see 4-6 kittens born per litter so we would love your help! We love unique or themed names, but we do ask that they not be vulgar or inappropriate. We will select multiple winners, one per litter of kittens born into our care.  Winners will be randomly selected from the 2021 Kitten Fund donor list, and there is no limit on the number of times you can enter.


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