Dog of the Week: Casanova

Julia D Dog of the Week


Casanova is certainly a lover. He is a 40 lb lap dog that does not take “no” for an answer when it comes to affection. He is not above begging for head scratching, belly rubbing or face kissing. He absolutely loves people and wants to be with them. He plays well with female and submissive males but he is so needy for attention that he will go after a another male dog that he thinks is more bossy than he is. He is a jealous young man and not afraid to show it. We suggest he goes to a home with no other male dogs, big or small.

His potty training is about 90 percent and he is trying very hard. He is kennel trained and sits in it quietly when he has to be left home. He likes to have a chew toy in with him to keep him busy. He loves treats, but wants human interaction even more. He is good with kids and not food aggressive or toy aggressive with kids. He lives with cats and has not done anything more than chase them a bit. He is a bit over curious about them so he is not left unattended with cats for his safety and theirs. Make no mistake about this boy, he is a bed cuddler, a couch cuddler and a lap dog. Plan on watching TV through his head if you try to ignore him.

Casanova 2

He is pretty high energy during playtime and he will keep kids or an active adult busy. He takes a few days to settle in but once he does, he is good about sleeping at night and just being content and hanging out with the family. All of our pets need to be kept as indoor pets and we do require a home visit as part of the adoption process. Landlord (if applicable), vet and personal references will be called.  The adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, microchip and vaccinations.

If you’re interested in Casanova, email or complete an application HERE.